Coronavirus (COVID-19) and your wedding photography

With the current situation of COVID-19 seeming to bring most countries to a halt, we are in very uncertain times. This uncertainty has of course extended to weddings too. Perhaps your wedding is this year and you do not know whether you will have to postpone or cancel. Perhaps you were going to start planning for next year but now are unsure how, and whether or not, to still proceed.

Living in Italy, I have seen how quickly the virus has affected people's lives. Many wedding couples are worried if their wedding will take place, and many business are worried they will survive this year. The one positive thing that I do see, though, is businesses working hard with couples to still make things happen, when they will be able to happen again. I wanted to write a few of the ways that I am dealing with this moment to give my current and future clients hope and assurances that I am working as best as I can in this situation to still take those beautiful wedding photographs you were dreaming of.

weddings in the rain

We are currently in lockdown in Italy. We can go to the grocery shop or pharmacy but that is it. I am following guidelines and social distancing with only the minimum trips to the shops taken ( I'm getting really good at meal planning and making our shops last nearly two weeks!). I have contacted my wedding couples for spring and summer and so we are taking decisions to postpone or wait and see how things develop with a plan b and even plan c in place.

For any weddings in the UK in the next few months, I am looking at having a second photographer booked in, who in the event of me not being able to fly to the UK, will be able to shoot the wedding on my behalf. I will do the same with any of my Italian weddings. If I suspect I am any risk of having or spreading the coronavirus, I will not attend your wedding and will send another, equal wonderful!, photographer to cover for me. This is the same as I would in any event where sickness or inquiry lead me to not being able to attend your wedding, and this is written into my contract.

I am happy to offer couples the option to move their wedding dates, with all money paid going towards that new date. Booking fees are non-refundable as per my contract, but they will be applied in full to the new wedding date with no penalties.

I also want to offer this to any couples thinking of, but maybe a little worried about booking their wedding now for next year. If you would like to book but are worried that you may have to change the date, I would be happy to offer the ability to change the date, without penalties, to another date I am free. In the situation where we cannot find a date that works, I will outsource the shooting to another, again equally wonderful!, photographer but still edit and deliver the photos so you will have the assurance of the style, quality, and product you booked.

wedding couple wearing wellies in Devon
Bovey castle wedding in Devon

If you have any questions, concerns, or want to talk through any of the above topics, then please get in touch. I'm here to listen and help in any way I can. Stay safe. Stay well. And keep that dream of having a fantastic wedding day in Italy or the UK alive!