You have set your heart on having a destination wedding in one of the most romantic countries in the world - Italy. You've chosen your venue, maybe you've enlisted the help of a wedding planner, and you are now starting to look for the best suppliers to make your dream wedding come true. So what should you consider when choosing a wedding photographer for your destination wedding in Italy?

The Style of Wedding Photography:

The range of photographic styles available nowadays is so diverse. Consider the type of wedding images and the aesthetic you are attracted to. Do you like a more fine art and delicate approach. What about capturing the moments and raw emotions; maybe dramatic black and white photography. Or perhaps you prefer more creative and colourful editorial wedding images. The styling of your wedding may also be a hint to what type of photography would suite you best. You want both your style of wedding and the the of your photographer to work well together to produce the perfect record of your day. If you have in mind the way your wedding is going to look, then you will be able to see if a photographer will compliment this, and record and create images in perfect harmony with your vision.

I approach wedding photography with a balance of candid, natural, photographs interspersed with a dash of romanticism, and also editorial consideration. I work hard to capture my couples' weddings in a mainly natural way, but I also love to create aesthetically pleasing and emotive images that reflect the feelings and atmosphere of the day. I watch people interact, carefully consider all the little extra details you have chosen , and adore capturing moments of love. I am attracted to colours, patterns, symmetry, and most of all, people interacting with one another. I want to express those emotions you feel on the day in my images, making a personal record that connects you back to those moments. You can see more of my work here to see if my style of photography might suite your destination wedding in Italy.

Local Photographers in Tuscany or Destination Wedding Photographers:

Research the photographers in the area where you are getting married, but also remember a destination wedding photographer will be willing to come to you. There of course may be an advantage to booking a local photographer as they will know the area and also could be advantageous with helping with other suppliers. A destination wedding photographer, though, may have the style and approach you are after. I'd recommend you look at both options to see what suits you best. If you have a wedding planner, they should be able to help put you in touch with a selection of photographers.

Research and Connect with several photographers:

Having viewed a selection of photographers' portfolios on-line, make a shortlist of those you want to contact. Be sure to read testimonials and also follow those photographers on social media to get a good sense of how they work. Reach out and start to connect with your chosen photographers; it's never been easer now with social media, for example Instagram direct message or Facebook messenger. Starting up a conversation with a professional photographer, you will not only get a feel for their personality, but don't forget they will come with a mountain of knowledge and inspiration too, that, you never know, could help with another aspect of your wedding planning.

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Viewing a prospective photographer's work:

Portfolios on websites are a great way to see a photographer's style and what they love to shoot, but by seeing a couple of full galleries you will be able to see how a wedding photographer covers a wedding day. You want to see how all aspects of a wedding are photographed from getting ready to first dance.

Wedding Photography Packages and Prices:

You will also want to ensure you know exactly what you are getting with a wedding photographer's packages; how many hours of coverage on the day, can you have a meeting before, how are the images delivered, and how long will it be before they are delivered, do the prices include any taxes due. You can check out my FAQ section for some answers to these questions for me, or send me a message and we can discuss in more details. I also have a blog post on What To Expect when working with me as your wedding photographer.

Ask Questions:

Don't be afraid to ask about anything, big or small. If it's important to you then a good photographer should be able to put you at ease with any of your concerns.

Make sure you click!:

Personality should be a consideration. Your photographer will be with your most of the day, on one of the most intimate times of your life. You need to be sure that you feel comfortable with their presence. Arrange a call or video call before you book your photographer so you can chat and make sure you get on well. It's important for both you and the photographer to feel comfortable with each other so them can get the best images of you and for you on your wedding day.

Ask about terms and conditions:

Along with having a quote written detailing everything that's included in the cost of your package, you should also check the wedding photographer's contract. A professional photographer should always offer you a contract as this protects both parties and lays out what is expected on both sides. Again, don't be afraid to ask questions for any concerns or clarifications. We know that getting married is not something you do everyday, and so are there to help.

The Next step:

Ask your chosen wedding photographer how to book. This is the exciting part! Another tick on your wedding planning list completed!

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