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Where are you based:

Having travelled much of 2018 across Europe in a camper van, my family has decided to settle for a while in Italy. My job luckily allows me to travel and work remotely where needed; all I need is my camera kit, my MacBook, and internet connection! 

What areas do you cover, and will you travel:

The majority of my weddings have been based in Devon and the Southwest UK. I have also been a wedding photographer in Cornwall, Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset, London, and also Italy. Travel is easily arranged and I love shooting in new and exciting places. I may charge for travel, and accommodation if it's rather far away, but I try to keep these costs to a minimum. If you'd like a quote please get in touch and let me know where you're getting married.

What makes a good wedding photo:

There are so many elements that can lead to and make a good wedding photograph, but the main thing is that it reflects your personalities and style. The most important thing is that I capture your emotions and your love for each other. Wedding photography for me is about showing all the beautiful moments, all the emotions of the day, but also the more unnoticed interactions, the little details all around that were also part of your day.

How would you describe your style:

Emotion and story telling is the most important thing in an image to me. I work in both a documentary/ reportage way, capturing things as they happen, and a more artistic and styled manner at times. Combining both methods means I can create a unique set of images just for your wedding. To sum up my style in a few words, I guess I would have to say ever the romantic, dreamy, and heart-felt.

Do you work alone:

I cover most of the weddings I do on my own, as I find this helps with making a connection to the couples I'm working with. It also means I can be as unobtrusive as possible. One of the greatest compliments I receive from the couples I work with is when they say how I seemed to be one of the guests, and they hardly noticed me, but in the pictures I seem to be everywhere - like a photo ninja :) If it appears you may need a second photographer to cover the day, though, it's not a problem. I can hire either an assistant or another professional, and have lots of contacts to be able to find the best match for your budget and requirements. Cost for a second photographer can range from £150 to £500 depending on experience and how long they are required on the day.

Are you insured:

I am fully insured with a company that specialises in covering photographers. I have both public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

What qualifications do you have:

Once I decided that I was going to be a photographer at 16, I set out to educate myself to be just that. I took an advanced GNVQ in Art and Design specialising in photography, and then went to the University of Brighton where I gained a BA Hons (2:1) in Editorial Photography. I started assisting a wedding photographer at 17. And after being a wedding photographer for other companies and partnerships for a few years, set up my own business in 2007.  I have 19 years of experience of photographing weddings at various locations and in varied weather and light.

 Do you require a deposit and when is the balance due:

A non-refundable deposit of £400 is required at the time of booking, along with a signed contract, in order to secure your date. I only take one wedding a day so by paying the deposit I turn away any other queries I get for your date. The balance can be paid in two parts if you like, one 6 months before, and the final balance due a month before the date of your wedding.

What if you are sick on our wedding day:

Touch wood! I've yet to miss a wedding in the 19 years I've been doing this. But should for any reason I not be able to make your wedding, I have a group of professional wedding photographers I can contact and I will ensure that someone of the same standard and style as myself will be there to capture your day.

How long before I get to see my pictures:

I have a 5-6 week turn-around on getting the images edited and up on-line for you to be able to view. Once they are loaded on to your password protected web gallery, I send you the link to be able to view them at you leisure (preferably snuggled up together with a glass of wine!) A week later you will receive your keepsake box with usb containing your edited images.

Do you take group pictures and how many would you recommend:

It is completely up to you with regards to group and formal pictures. I have some couples who do not want any, and others who would like quite a few and to have a bit of fun playing around with poses. Everyone is different and we can discuss what works best for you when we meet. I would say that having a list of group photos does mean that you are ensured to get at least one picture of important members of the wedding party. I would recommend keeping the list to 8 to 10 group pictures and just remember that each shot can take up to 5 mins, worth keeping in mind when working out how long you want to hold a big smile for.

I don't like having my photo taken - how can you make it easier:

Most people don't like having their photo taken, but trust me, on your wedding day you'll be far to busy to worry about it! I also always try my best to make sure you feel comfortable so the pictures look natural. And with any of the more staged photographs, I still want you to be yourself and actually prefer to see a couple looking at each other and interacting rather then staring at my camera. If you are really nervous we can also take a more documentary approach and the couple pictures can just be the two of you having a little walk around the grounds, for example. Meeting before can also help, as can a engagement session (see below).

Engagement Sessions - what are they all about:

You can  add the option to have a complimentary engagement session if it's something you are interested in. For me, I enjoy them as it's an extra chance to meet up and to see how the two of you interact so I can get the best out of you on the wedding day and you get some extra images of the two of you looking all loved up. For you, it's a chance to get a feel for how I work, discuss any worries you have, or just chat wedding plans with someone who loves to hear about all things wedding! And how often do you get a chance to have great looking pictures of the both of you? You don't have to dress up any different, we can just go down to your local pub or for a nice walk somewhere if you like. The engagement sessions are all about capturing the two of you together and showing you as a couple.

Can we meet before the wedding:

I very much like to meet before the wedding if possible. Sometimes the venue or where you live might just be a bit to far away though. We can, in these cases, attempt to Skype (and if you have a cat he'll have to be involved too I think!) or chat on the phone. I normally like to meet no more then two weeks before the date of the wedding for the final visit/chat, as then you'll have a clearer picture of how the day will go and we can make a timetable and talk any particular images you'd like.

Can you cover both of us getting ready in the morning:

Depending on time and location I may be able to cover two sets of wedding preparations. If, for example, you are both in the same hotel or venue, then I can easily move between rooms to capture what is happening. But if time is short or the locations are far apart, and this is something you really would like, it might be worth considering asking me to hire a second photographer (see question above - "Do you work alone?")

Do you require food:

Sometimes couples sit me with their wedding guests and this is lovely as I can see if anything happens during the meal that would make a good photograph, but this isn't necessary. I don't need the same meal as guest, just a good hot vegetarian meal is much appreciated  as it's a long day and refuelling is always helpful.

 How many images will I receive:

You will receive a minimum of 350 edited images, but giving a specific amount can be quite difficult as each wedding is unique. And I tend to think quality and not quantity are more important. Usually, though, a full day's wedding can produce around 400- 600 edited images, all of which you would receive on your usb.

Will there be black and white as well as colour images:

When I go through and edit your images, some just love to be black and white, it just suits them. I will aim to give you a nice selection of both but if you prefer colour more than black and white let me know before, and I can keep this in mind when editing. If there is an images that I've changed to black and white and in your album it would be better in colour, then I can change it to colour, not a problem. I take all the images on the day in colour and edit any to black white at a later date, that way it's easy enough to change if it needs to be.

Can family and friends view and buy our pictures:

Yes. I upload all your edited pictures onto a password protected web gallery. I send you and only you the password first though, as I know I would want to be the first one to see my pictures before anyone else! Then it's up to you if you'd like to share the link and password with any friends and family. If you want to give me a list of e-mail addresses I'm more then happy to send out the links for you. Or think about ordering some thank you cards and you can include the log-on details in them. Individual images can then be purchased through the website by your family and friends and posted directly to them so you don't have to worry about organising any of it, it's all taken care of. Print prices start at £4 for a 6x4.

How does copyright work:

Copyright, by UK law, belongs to the photographer. I retain copyright of all my images when I give you the digital files, I assign a licence of rights to you so that you may print (from the high res files) and share on-line (from the web optimised, watermarked images) until your heart's content. You can use the images for personal use, the only thing I ask is that you do not sell or use the images commercially without seeking my permission first.

Can we print large images from the usb:

The high res images on your usb are saved at 8x12 in at 300dpi. I have made A2 sized prints from these files - so go big and cover the walls at home with your beautiful wedding photographs!

If I don't choose a package with an album, can I get one at a later date:

Yes, of course. A year or two down the line if you'd like an album just let me know. Please contact me for a link to my on-line brochure which has the individual prices of albums.

Want to know more... then contact me and I can send you a link to my on-line brochure which contains hints and tips for your wedding day as well as my packages and prices.

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